No paperweight too heavy, this tax season



Guest post by Bhupinder Singh, Product Marketing lead at SignEasy.

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April has dawned upon us, and so have the worries of putting our act together as we inch closer to April 18. This part of our calendars is invariably lined up with a flurry of paperwork, items to keep track of and all this while keeping the deadline in mind.

Now, a major part of the stress results from the fact that the amount of paperwork one has to deal with can just turn overwhelming. The rebellion against paperwork has definitely been around in our routine business affairs, with more and more people adopting electronic signatures to cut down paperwork and get things done faster (that makes life simpler, right?). Everyday, we hear from our users on how they are using electronic signatures to say goodbye to the ordeal of printing, scanning, faxing et al.

Did you know electronic signatures can also come in handy during this stretch year of year which happens to be one of the most paperwork-heavy ones.  With the recent e-signature guidance by IRS, Forms 8879 and Form 8878 (Electronic Return Originator authorization forms for individual taxpayers) are now under the scope of electronic signatures.  Earlier, the taxpayers had to physically sign these authorization forms either in the ERO’s office or sign the physical copy and send it via mail or fax. But with this recent e-signature guidance, you can now authorize your EROs even remotely, a convenience that was previously unavailable.

For the uninitiated, Form 8879 is an IRS e-file signature authorization form, that authorizes an ERO to enter the taxpayers’ PINs on individual income tax returns. And Form 8878 is an IRS e-file authorization form for application of extension of time to file taxes, that authorizes an ERO to enter the taxpayers’ PINs on Forms 4868 and Form 2350.

So, we’ve put together a few pointers on electronic signature methods to ink your tax return documents.

Electronic signature methods to sign tax returns

  1. Self-select PIN method: Self-select PIN method would require the taxpayer to provide their prior year Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) amount or prior year PIN for use by the IRS for authentication. This can be done in two ways.
  • Do it yourself: In this method, the taxpayer can directly enter their PIN into the electronic return record using key strokes, after reviewing the completed return.  In case they don’t have the PIN or the AGI amount, then they can request for an Electronic Filing PIN on and start with e-filing your taxes.
  • eSign and authorize your EROs: the taxpayer may also authorize EROs to enter PINs on their behalf, in which case you must review and sign a completed signature authorization form after reviewing the return.
  1. Practitioner PIN method: Practitioner PIN is the other method and it does not require the taxpayer to provide the previous year AGI amount or previous year’s PIN. Here, the tax preparer would be entering the PIN on the taxpayer behalf upon receiving a signed copy of the IRS Form 8879, which authorizes the tax preparer to enter the taxpayer PIN.

Signing Form 8879 and 8878  

When going by the ERO method – either through self-select PIN method or through practitioner PIN method – the taxpayer must always appropriately sign the forms that authorizes your ERO to file taxes on your behalf.

Though they can do this by going the traditional paperwork way, it would require the taxpayer to sign the forms and then send them to the ERO by hand delivery, U.S. mail, private delivery service or fax. Too many hassles, isn’t it?

There is a faster, hassle-free method of doing this. It is by choosing to electronically sign your authorization documents and simply e-mailing them to your tax preparer.  (Yes, this method is IRS compliant! More information here.)

For eSigning Form 8879 or Form 8878, you need a legally binding electronic signature solution, like SignEasy. Using SignEasy on your phone, tablet or the web, you can sign the forms and send to your tax preparer within a matter of seconds.

This not only makes your e-filing process hassle-free, it saves a bit of costs  too, which you otherwise end up spending in getting your authorization forms mailed to the ERO.

If you’re still making your mind on going the eSign way, here is a little bonus-read on quick tips to help you sail through tax season.

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No paperweight too heavy, this tax season

Renew your car registration in 1 click with Docady!

Application Ensures Users Are Always Prepared with the Documents They Need for Life’s Expected and Unexpected Moments


Docady, the ultimate app for critical documents, today announced the rollout of 1-Click Bureaucracy features – beginning with car registration renewals and Carfax reports. Docady helps users stay in control of their most important affairs by providing a centralized mobile solution for gathering and organizing all of users critical paperwork in one secure app. Additionally, it provides a host of features to ensure they can access, manage and interact with those documents easily.

With the new car registration renewal feature, Docady will recognize from your stored car registration that it is about to expire and offer to renew it on your behalf. In case you received the car registration renewal notice in the mail, simply scan it with the Docady app to automatically renew it with a tap of a button. This new feature is rolling out state-by-state, and already supports 14 U.S. states.

“Our most critical documents represent relationships and connections we have with society. It is important for us to have timely access to such documents and the information captured inside of them, and it’s essential for us to ensure they are properly managed. We cannot avoid renewing our car registrations. We must drive with a valid driver license. We need up-to-date insurance policies. We must file our taxes, and those are just a few examples.” said Docady CEO and Co-Founder Nadav Naaman. “The Docady app was born with the goal of ensuring we are all ready for life’s expected and unexpected moments. We want to do things on behalf of our users, removing the frustration of dealing with bureaucracy – and as such giving them the peace of mind they deserve.”

Docady is also announcing today the launch of the Docady Android app, which is now available on Google Play. Docady combines multiple unique capabilities into one intuitive package.

  • Document Discovery Engine: Given access by the user, the app can even pull potentially important documents from existing online storage accounts like Google Drive or Dropbox, and email services like Gmail and Yahoo.
  • Docit – The “Tinder” for documents: Docady offers document sorting with the swipe of a finger. Users can easily scroll through potentially important documents discovered by Docady and swipe right for relevant ones they want to keep.
  • SmartDoc Intelligence: Docady leverages cutting-edge image processing technology to connote a specific document and turn it in sortable, usable and actionable information. This means the app is able to identify upcoming expirations or renewals, and notify the user in plenty of time to take care of it stress-free.
  • Smart Scan: Users can utilize Docady’s in-built document camera which recognizes different document types and people’s names in the document in order to automatically organize it for the user.
  • And more

“Docady is about leveraging technology to simplify your life as much as possible. Currently, many people use common cloud storage services to store their important documents. However, these documents can not communicate to you when they are about to expire and/or require your attention.” said Nadav Weizmann CTO and Co-Founder. “Docady can make sure you never miss a deadline by sending smart notifications about upcoming expiration dates. We are building services and cooperating with other service providers to solve bureaucratic tasks on your behalf, with a tap of a button from your mobile device.”

The company noted that these features are just the first of many services that will be rolled out in the near future. The centralized Docady solution will provide a wide span of 1-Click Bureaucracy features to address the needs from different aspects of our lives such as identification, home, car, taxes, medical, financial and more.

Docady can be downloaded for iOS here and Android here.


Renew your car registration in 1 click with Docady!

Study Abroad Documents


Generally, American university students have the chance to study abroad in their junior year. There are study abroad programs all over the globe that students can apply to, either to continue their studies in a certain area or to open up a whole new field of education. No matter what program students choose, it is the opportunity of a lifetime.  As with most things though, there is some paperwork to get out of the way first. Dr. Annie Gibson, the Director of Tulane University Abroad programs in Costa Rica, Brazil and Cuba, offered Docady her advice for the most important documents students need to take care of when they are planning to study abroad.

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Study Abroad Documents

Know your cloud!

TL;DR  (a short summary)

People have no idea where their information and documents are online, and have little-to-no ability to find them when they need to. Cloudetect is here to help you get a sense of just that: find out where and which of your docs are buried in the cloud.



So, where’s your important information? Can you fetch me a copy of your passport? How about your tax filing from 4 years ago? What about your car registration and insurance papers? Your lease agreement? When do all of these expire? Can you honestly say that not taking care of these documents or knowing where they are won’t come to haunt you when you least expect it? BTW, did you know that an adult accumulates around 50 types of essential documents and more than 300 versions of them? Crazy, right?

Managing our most important documents and information is very challenging in today’s hyper-digitized and overloaded world. We all have endless amounts of files and pictures scattered across multiple cloud services – on average that number is over 15,000(!) and we all suffer a great deal when we need to find them or a one piece of information within one document.

We’re thrilled to launch Cloudetect, an easy, magical, online awareness tool to help you get a glimpse of what’s really going on in your cloud.

With just a few taps and a minute’s wait, you get a detailed report telling you what and how many vital documents you have online. Cloudetect runs quickly on your cloud services and reports back to you with findings, it does not store any user information, and revokes all granted permissions to these cloud services immediately upon completion of the scan.




At Docady, we’ve already created amazing technology to identify and classify vital documents from various cloud services (like Gmail, Dropbox, Evernote, etc). Docady can tell you something like “This file on Dropbox is your wife’s Passport, it expires 11 months from now, and we’ve put this in the right place in Docady”… cool right?

After we launched, we started getting amazing feedback from users thanking us for finding their documents and information they didn’t even know they had anymore, or information they were looking for with zero success. So we thought, “why not provide this to everyone?”

So, that’s it, you’re out of excuses, do you know where your documents are?!


Know your cloud!

Docady for Travel


As the winter season approaches, people are beginning to purchase plane tickets and vacation packages for their Christmas vacations abroad. Although getting away with the family can be relaxing and fun, being in a foreign country can be a stressful experience. There is always the possibility of getting lost in translation or even lost on the map, so it’s important to always be prepared for the unexpected – from losing your passport to suddenly needing to rent a car or not being able to enter a country because you didn’t bring the right paperwork. Docady recently spoke with Rachel Sales, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Pink Pangea, a website for women who love to travel, and asked her for some travel advice. 

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Docady for Travel

Docs You’ll Need to Get a Mortgage


Although we all work hard to purchase our dream home, for first-time home owners, something a little less “dreamlike” might be more obtainable. Taking out a mortgage on you first home is a commitment that will span the course of several years to several decades. It will require a lot of headache, and of course, a lot of paper work.

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Docs You’ll Need to Get a Mortgage

Docady for College


As the summer ends, many students will say goodbye to their hometowns and head back to college. Although we love living away from home and by our own rules, we quickly forget how our parents were the ones who took care of us. How do we manage our time? Is leftover pizza a healthy breakfast? What does my health insurance plan even provide? These are all questions you’ll be asking yourself throughout your college years as you try to balance exams, frat parties and a healthy diet. We had the pleasure of speaking with Crystal Garica, Assistant Director of Student Life at the University of Oklahoma, and asked her to provide us some insights on what documents college students should bring with them.

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Docady for College